Project Description



Paco Toledo
José Domingo Rivera

Produced by:
Esteban Bernatas, Paco Toledo and José Domingo Rivera

Associate Producer:
Gabriel Amdur

Editing: Andrés Prieto

Camera: Paco Toledo

Sound: José Pablo Manriquez

 YORGOS / 70′ / Spain, Chile

In 1994, a Kevin Costner-produced Hollywood film would forever change the life of the people from Easter Island. Blockbuster Rapa-Nui attracted millions of dollars to the tiny island and offered a job to every resident, but strongly modified their traditions and the image many of them held of their own ancestors and themselves. This is the tale of the Yorgos, the true heirs of the Rapa-Nui culture, in their constant search for their own identity. A history about film colonization.

With the support of: MEdia Europa, Institut Catala de les industries Culturals (ICIC) and Centre de Desenvolupament Audiovisual (CDA).

Paco Toledo (Chile) He started his career as a photographer working as a photojournalist in Chile. He graduated in Cinematography by the University of Valparaiso (Chile) and at the prestigious school of San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba. The Catalan Government awarded him with the prestigious National Price of Cinematography in 2007 for his feature documentary “Can Tunis” (2006). The film was selected at IDFA and participated in more than 15 international film festivals.

José Domingo Rivera Villegas (Chile) He studied Law in Chile and in 2001 he is sent to Easter Island to work as a lawyer. In 2003 he studied Documentary Development, Research and Financing at the NYU in New York and worked as an assistant in Feral Films with directors Whitney Dow and Marco Williams. Back in Chile he became creative director of the documentary TV series “Identidad” at the National Television of Chile (TVN).