Project Description


Director: Gilbert-Ndunga Nsangata

Production: Gilbert-Ndunga Nsangata, Hervé Forestier, Jhonny Hendrix and Gabriel Amdur

Editing: Hervé Forestier

Cinematography: Gabriel Amdur and Gilbert-Ndunga Nsangata

Sound: Simon Smith 


This is the story of how I met Blanchard, Chagui, John, Mambueni and Chance: “Shégué” boys, homeless children living on the main street of Inkisi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During 6 years, I followed their lives from childhood —when they met by chance and together built the family that adults could not offer them— and into their teen years and adulthood, a time when I became a powerless witness to the new conflicts and challenges that life threw at them.

Awards: TV Version: Best Human Rights Documentary and Special Jury Award (MiradasDoc, Spain)

Festivals: Amiens International Film Festival (France)

Gilbert Ndunga Nsangata (Republic of the Congo, 1950)

He was a film and television director, writer and theater producer in the city of Brazzaville when Congo’s civil war hit us in 1998. He had to leave his home, friends and work as well as thousands of displaced people. Since then he began with his family a journey for Central Africa living in several refugee camps by UNHCR in Democratic Republic of the Congo. The International Parliament of Writers gave him the status of a refugee in 2002 and I arrived to Catalonia where he lives now. He is currently one of the founders of Talatala Filmmakers.