Project Description


Director: Julieta Sans

Mariano Mouriño
Pablo Stigliani

Associate Producer:
Gabriel Amdur

Editing: Renato Alvarado

Cinematography: Julieta Sans

Sound:  Renato Alvarado

GUIDO MODELS / 70′ / Argentina

Guido is a man from Bolivia. Soft and feminine, with an interest in dressmaking and fashion, he lives in Villa 31, the biggest slum in Buenos Aires. One day he had a vision: a young girl in a beautiful long dress against the backdrop of the colorful buildings. He decided that fashion should not just be exclusively for the middle and upper classes; he also noticed that many girls from the slum were beautiful but often tomboyish, in an attempt to protect themselves and appear less vulnerable.


Festivals: Bafici 2015

Julieta Sans is a native of Buenos Aires. She studied photography and English Literature in Argentina before completing her Postgraduate studies in 2005 at Central Saint Martins, London where she now lives and works. In 2007 she was awarded second prize in the National Portrait Gallery’s Photographic Portrait awards.