Project Description

Zim-Doczim.doc is a cross-platform documentary project that consists of an interactive web-documentary and a real space exhibition. The project is born from the collaboration of women filmmakers, painters, graphic artists and programmers from Zimbabwe, Spain, US, Slovenia and Brazil and explores the inspiring journey of a group of women as they embark in an experimental documentary project, revealing aspects of their lives and contemporary Zimbabwe and engaging the viewer in a unique interaction with Zimbabwe’s recent past.

Creative Producer:
Rabia Williams

Production and Coordination Zimbabwe WFOZ:
Tsitsi Dangarembga

Programmer / Creative Developer: Maíra Sala

Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe
Associació Creadores Audiovisuals
Talatala Filmmakers

English, Shona and Spanish

Format: Cross-platform, new media – interactive webdocumentary  (including an interactive musical graphic storyworld)  & traveling exhibition.

With the support of: Common Wealth / Prince Claus Conflict and Culture, Panasonic, Beachtek Canada, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and Kuda Meza Artist Asylum, i_doc Vision du Reél

CREATIVE PRODUCER: Rabia Williams (USA, 1976)

I am documentary and new media creative producer, creative developer, and filmmaker and the co-founder Talatala’s sister association ACA (Associación de Creadoras -association of women creators- Audiovisual). I am the head of TALATALA NM (new media) department – current projects: ‘zim.doc’ (cross-platform, interactive webdoc and traveling exhibition, a collaboration with Zimbabwean women filmmakers and artists and programmers), ‘Get Over It’ winner of Power To the Pixel / ARTE prize (interactive webdoc/live experience/ceremonial mechanical installation), ‘the bankproject’, (a transnational-collaborative-maps-API doc project), and a transmedia documentary project about African comics directed by Hervé Forestier.

My interests lay in creative initiatives that are multidisciplinary and that create engaging situations and synergies, exploring and developing new audio/visual languages and relationships structures for documentary storytelling and related experiences.