Project Description

NIFF2The Newark International Film Festival is a three day festival that showcases the innovation and breadth of the film industry. Located 15 minutes from New York, Newark IFF maximizes exposure for your film, screenplay or series by drawing film and entertainment leaders from both NYC and LA.

Events include:
–screenings at a number of cultural anchor institutions and outdoor screenings;
–stunt exhibitions;
–pitch opportunities and auditions for TV and film;
–acting, directing, producing and crowd funding workshops, and much more.

The festival provides a number of engaging experiences for attendees such as pop-up concerts from hip hop to jazz, house to gospel and more, as well as a televised awards and entertainment showcase and a film scavenger hunt.

The NIFF is the first international film festival hosted in Newark. A main feature of the NIFF is the Hannibal Goodwin Award for Innovation in Filmmaking in homage to Hannibal Goodwin, the Episcopal priest who invented celluloid film 1887 in Newark, NJ.