Project Description

[vimeo id=»24774234″ width=»951″ height=»490″] Director:
Christian Plähn
Monika Takacs

Producer: Christian Plähn

Editing: Christian Plähn[/one_fourth] [three_fourth last=»yes»] [fusion_tabs layout=»horizontal» backgroundcolor=»#353535″ inactivecolor=»#f2c95d»][fusion_tab title=»SYNOPSIS»] ABSEITS / 30′ / Germany, Ukraine, Spain

A film about a neighbourhood next to the newly build 5 star football stadium in Donetsk in the Ukraine and its social and spacial contrasts.

[fontawesome icon=»bookmark-empty» circle=»no» size=»medium» iconcolor=»#ffffff» circlecolor=»» circlebordercolor=»» animation_type=»0″ animation_direction=»down» animation_speed=»»]Festivals: World Premiere at MiradasDoc (Spain)

[/fusion_tab] [fusion_tab title=»DIRECTOR»]Christian Plähn is a filmmaker, photographer and media designer. After a Paramedics trainig, he studied media design and Audiovisual Communication at the Braunschweig Fine Arts university and the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Since 2006 as an independent filmmaker, he has realized numerous audiovisual projects: documentaries, animation films, event documentation, new media, concert, theater plays or music videos.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs] [/three_fourth] [separator top=»10″ style=»shadow»] [sharing tagline=»Share This Film, Choose Your Platform!» title=»Amazing Film!» link=»» description=»» backgroundcolor=»#f2c95d»][/sharing]