Project Description


Directors / Producers:
Rubén Monsuy & Gabriel Amdur

Associate Producer:
Alejandra Leszczynska

Editing: Núria Esquerra

Camera: Gabriel Amdur

Sound: Martín Litmanovich

Music: Lil Champ & Desmali [/one_fourth]

FEGUIBOX / 90′ / Equatorial Guinee, Spain

Salvador is a rising star in the national boxing team of Equatorial Guinea. He embodies the chance for the African team to finally take part in the Olympics but has to struggle with a life of poverty with his girlfriend Luna and his own lack of discipline.

With the support of: Göteborg International Film Festival Fund, Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Fund and Riviera Maya Film Festival

Rubén Monsuy (Equatorial Guinea, 1985) He pioneered the country’s first cinema association, ACIGE. He has participated in different cinema workshops organized by the Spanish Cultural Center of Malabo and made several shortfilms and spots. Feguibox is his first feature documentary film as director and co-producer.

Gabriel Amdur (Argentina, 1975) In 2009 he founded with Gilbert-Ndunga Nsangata Talatala Filmmakers a production company that has been recognized by different programmes and festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale, Hotdocs and Tribeca. He has worked as executive producer and scriptwritter on various projects and FEGUIBOX is his first feature film as a director.