Project Description

[vimeo id=»24985120″ width=»1050″ height=»590″] TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
(under Production)

Director: Luis Villegas

Luis Villegas
Gabriel Amdur
Jhonny Hendrix
Thierry Lenouvel

[/one_fourth] [three_fourth last=»yes»] [fusion_tabs layout=»horizontal» backgroundcolor=»#353535″ inactivecolor=»#f2c95d»][fusion_tab title=»SYNOPSIS»] EL CONFIDENTE / 80′ / Colombia, Spain (under Production)

El Confidente is a documentary that follows the daily life of Gustavo Salazar Pinea, “the lawyer of the Mafia”. A contradictory, eccentric, ambiguous and controversial man that represents a paradigm in the contemporary history of Colombia.

[fontawesome icon=»bookmark-empty» circle=»no» size=»medium» iconcolor=»#ffffff» circlecolor=»» circlebordercolor=»» animation_type=»0″ animation_direction=»down» animation_speed=»»]With the support of: Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico (FDC) – Colombia. Tribeca Film Institute – USA

[/fusion_tab] [fusion_tab title=»DIRECTOR»]Luis Villegas (Colombia, 1979).

Director, Producer and Scriptwriter born in Medellin, Colombia. Nowadays, he is an important member of the crew of professionals of PAVOREAL COLECTIVO AUDIOVISUAL, a company dedicated to audiovisual projects for Cinema, TV and Internet, working as a producer and director of different audiovisual projects and directing spots and music videos. At the same time, he leads Educational Audiovisual Projects of social impact.

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