Project Description




Written and Produced by:
Paula Schargorodsky

Executive Producer: 
Gabriel Amdur

Editing: Rosario Suárez

Camera and Sound:
Paula Schargorodsky

[/one_fourth] [three_fourth last=»yes»] [fusion_tabs layout=»horizontal» backgroundcolor=»#353535″ inactivecolor=»#f2c95d»][fusion_tab title=»SYNOPSIS»] 35 and Single / 70′ / Argentina, Spain

A 35 five year old girl. 10 years filming her life. 5 boyfriends. 2 marriage proposals. Why is she still single? An investigation on a generation of unsettled women that poses a question about the choices you take in life (and about those things we do not choose).[/fusion_tab] [fusion_tab title=»DIRECTOR»]Paula Schargorodsky  (Argentina, 1976)

She has a BA in Political Science and Cinematography. Participated at Dok Incubator 2012. Prized at the Pitching of DocMontevideo 2012  by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) for developing 35 and Single into a Transmedia Project. [/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs] [/three_fourth] [separator top=»10″ style=»shadow»] [sharing tagline=»Share This Film, Choose Your Platform!» title=»Amazing Film!» link=»» description=»» backgroundcolor=»#f2c95d»][/sharing]