Project Description

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Christian Plähn

Miguel Anton Malo

Executive Producers: 
Christian Plähn, Gabriel Amdur and Gilbert-Ndunga Nsangata

Concept / Editing:
Christian Plähn

[/one_fourth] [three_fourth last=»yes»] [fusion_tabs layout=»horizontal» backgroundcolor=»#353535″ inactivecolor=»#f2c95d»][fusion_tab title=»SYNOPSIS»] 08001 / 50′ / Germany, Spain

08001 is the postal code of the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona, Catalonia, in Spain. Barcelona is one of the new Meccas of European culture, and the goal of this documentary is to offer a snapshot of people’s lives in the neighborhood.

With the support of: Televisió de Catalunya (Spain) and Deuscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (Germany)[/fusion_tab] [fusion_tab title=»DIRECTOR»]Christian Plähn (Germany, 1979)

Christian is a filmmaker, photographer and media designer. After a Paramedics trainig, he studied media design and Audiovisual Communication at the Braunschweig Fine Arts university and the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Since 2006 as an independent filmmaker, he has realized numerous audiovisual projects: documentaries, animation films, event documentation, new media, concert, theater plays or music videos.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs] [/three_fourth]

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