FeguiboxGIFF2This is a unique film! Not only is it the first time that the festival is able to screen a film from the small African country ofEquatorial Guinea, it is one of the very few films to be made at all there for many, many years. Salvador is a boxer who has been given the opportunity to represent his nation in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Intense training and focus is of the essence, which isn’t easy when you mostly have to practice alone and, above all, lead an impoverished life and have to struggle to support yourself and your family. A matter-of-fact, thoughtful documentary where it quickly dawns on the viewer that the dream of the Olympics is just as much a dream about a better life. Made with support from Göteborg International Film Festival Fund.

Ulf Sigvardson

Director: Gabriel Amdur, Rubén Monsuy, Spanien/Ekvatorialguinea, 2015

Speech: engelska, spanska

Subtitles: engelsk

Running time: 1 tim 30 min


Sunday: 25/1 18.00
Price: 90 SEK
Monday: 26/1 15.30
Price: 90 SEK
Thursday: 29/1 10.00
Price: 90 SEK